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Fitoplas has unique characteristics that make it very useful in the car painting industry

Adhesive tape included in the protective film.
To cover the areas not to be painted you will only need to use Fitoplas, as the film incorporates an adhesive tape which sticks firmly to the different surfaces of the bodywork.

Incorporation of an electrostatic charge which sticks to the bodywork.
Once the adhesive tape is in place, the film sticks to the vehicle due to an electrostatic charge which makes it easy to use.

Easy to cut just by pressing slightly.
Its application is very simple, as no tool is required to cut the section of Fitoplas you need, just by pressing with your finger and giving it a small cut you will obtain the form and size required.

Handling can be done by just one person.
Just one worker can unfold, cut and apply Fitoplas, as it is very easy to handle..

Resistant to traction and handling.
Its unique composition gives Fitoplas a great resistance, therefore it can be handled and subjected to high pressure without twisting or breaking.

The paint sticks to Fitoplas without splashing.
Our film attracts the paint and holds it in such a way that it reamins on the film, thus without splashing once the job is finished.

It takes up very little space, both stored and after use
Space problems are reduced in your workshop with Fitoplas, as the products takes up very little space both in your storeroom, ten times less than paper, and once it has been used.